The Benefits of Attending A Smartphone Photography Workshop

The Benefits of Attending A Smartphone Photography Workshop

What’s In It For Me?

Why would it be worth your time to improve your smartphone photography? It makes such a difference to promoting your business if you have photos that really pop and capture the essence of your brand. Which is why I’m really excited to be joining forces with Jodie Thackray, an experienced stylist, to put on a Styling For Instagram Workshop.

Documenting your business life and telling stories about yourself through good photography is a powerful promotional tool. We are lucky that smartphones are so sophisticated now, that the quality of photos we can take is tremendous. No fancy camera is needed!

Why Stock Photos Don’t Cut It

It’s so important to add a personal touch to your photos which is why I’d encourage small businesses to steer clear of posting too many stock photos.

For example directly below is a flatlay photo I found on Pexels (a free stock photography website). It’s lovely, but the second quite similar photo below it which was taken by Nicola Anderson feels more meaningful and real. Because it’s got Nicola’s own stuff in it, including her own website displayed on her laptop, it feels more authentic and warm.

flatlay of laptop and stationery.
Stock images like this are beautiful but not very personal
flatlay of a laptop and a notepad.
This scene created by Nicola with her own props conveys a more meaningful message

I Just Don’t Have The Time For Styling

You may think ‘what’s the point of styling’ or ‘I haven’t got time for that’ – but just a few minutes of preparation can honestly ramp up a photo snapped in your home from very average, to scroll stopping.

Have a look at the photos below. The first one is unstyled and it’s not one I’d stop to look at on Instagram. But with a few touches – adding a welcoming cup of tea, curving the leaves of a plant into the scene and taking the photo directly from above, it becomes more of a head turning and personal image.

photo of chocoloney and courier magazine.
A photo with no styling effort made
flatlay of courier magazine and tony;s
By just spending a few minutes preparing props an image can be transformed

Creating A Workshop With Simple And Realistic Tips

Jodie and I really wanted to create a workshop that would allow small businesses to walk away with simple, realistic tips that they could immediately put into practise. And most importantly tips that wouldn’t take much time and that would allow clients to style props that they already own (no expensive purchases required!).

In The Workshop We Will Be Covering:

  1. how to style a flatlay or lifestyle shot
  2. how to tell a story through a scene you’ve created so it feels relevant to look the look and feel of your brand.
  3. how to use smartphone apps to edit and enhance your photo
  4. how to work with natural light to make your images pop
  5. how to use simple photography rules to make your images scroll stopping

A Trial Run

We did a trial run of the course recently. We wanted to ensure that the content was tweaked and honed by the time we delivered it for real.

It was a joy to see the confidence and excitement of everyone in the class grow during the three hours of the workshop.

group of people sat around a table.
Everyone really enjoyed our trial styling and photography workshop
Lady taking a photo of a flatlay with her phone.
Helen Slater snap her styled flatlay

Plenty of Opportunity To Pick Our Brains

Jodie delivered the lion’s share of the workshop, and in my capacity as an Instagram Trainer I was available for extra insight and Instagram tips. The group fired a lot of questions at both of us, and with our combined expertise we were able to offer a lot of advice.

Get Styling

After Jodie did some fab demos, everyone was dispatched to have a go themselves at creating and snapping some scenes.

My house where we are holding the workshop is spacious so there were plenty of spots for everyone to get practising with their smartphone photography and styling, with us both bobbing about giving advice.

The feedback from the workshop was really positive and everyone walked away with lots of creative inspiration and more confidence in taking photos and styling, along with some great images for their Instagram accounts.

Get It Booked

If you’d like to improve your smartphone photography then book on our next course, it’s on Tuesday 5th November in Stockport.

Check out the testimonials below to get a feel for what to expect.

Helen Slater, Coach and Small Business Mentor 

I really enjoyed the workshop.  I was made to feel very welcome and able to ask lots of questions. The space was very conducive for styling both flatlays and still life.  I’ve now got a great bank of images to use on my website and social media accounts.  Thanks guys! 

Charlotte Holroyd, Creative Wilderness

I feel so inspired after today’s workshop! Jodie and Katya created a warm and welcoming atmosphere and I feel much more positive about creating shots for my Instagram feed.  Loved the artistry and fun they created today and they encouraged experimentation and play.  Loved it! 

Photo credit for feature photo: Helen Slater (taken on our trial Styling For Instagram Workshop).