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10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts

I’ve come across some inspiring Instagram accounts lately so I thought I’d share them with you. Finding accounts that inspire you is one of the best ways to learn on Instagram. We all need role models and great examples to get our own creative juices flowing. I hope these accounts help you.

1. @wanderrestaurant

I went on a day trip to London recently. It was a bit of treat to myself as I felt like I needed a hit of London energy and ideas. I spent part of the day in Stoke Newington and this restaurant really caught my eye. The orange typeface in their window was bold and intriguing. I looked them up on Instagram and wasn’t disappointed.

@wanderrestaurant Instagram account.
@wanderrestaurant Instagram account

2. @amazingif

Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis are founders of Amazing If, an award-winning career development company with a mission to make work better for everyone. They also host a careers podcast – Squiggly Careers. I’ve been merrily consuming their podcast and their Instagram account, both of which are pragmatic, fun and upbeat, with tons of thought provoking, easily actionable advice.

@amazingif Instagram account.

@amazingif Instagram account

3. @mylifeinmulticolour

Cissi Åhlén lives in Stockholm and her retro house is colourful beyond belief. I’m decorating my own house at the moment and this account is a great source of inspiration for me.

@mylifeinmulticolour Instagram account.

@mylifeinmulticolour Instagram account

4. @honey_sandwiches

This account is about ‘art, design, spaces, style, words’. I just love the aesthetic of it. It’s thoughtful and beautiful and a bit different, and it feels ‘woke’ in the best sense of the word!

@honey_sandwiches Instagram account.

@honey_sandwiches Instagram account

5. @thelittlegreenepaintcompany

I’ve mentioned already that I’m getting our house decorated, so interior accounts are a bit of a theme here! Lose yourself in these beautiful examples of colourful rooms.

@thelittlegreenepaintcompany Instagram account.

@thelittlegreenepaintcompany Instagram account

6. @blandbadger

Is an account for creative retreats run by @charlottebland and @badgersvelvet in Umbria. The photos of the dreamy retreat house in Umbria are divine and I want to go there!

@blandbadger Instagram account.

@blandbadger Instagram account

7. @the_peoplepleasing_therapist

I am 100% a people pleaser, so this is a great account for me to follow! Elsie Owens has so much brilliant advice for self care and setting boundaries. The ways she explains her points and offers solutions is just so easy to digest and really resonates. I spend a lot of time nodding when I read her captions!

@the_peoplepleasing_therapist Instagram account.

@the_peoplepleasing_therapist Instagram account

8. @rebelrecipes

This year my boyfriend and I have attempted to eat more vegetarian and vegan food – for environmental and health reasons. I have to confess that the pandemic has forced me to deprioritise my efforts… however I still love a good vegan dinner. I stumbled across this account at the beginning of the year and the photos alone make for a pretty convincing case to go vegan.

@rebelrecipes Instagram account.

@rebelrecipes Instagram account

9. @moon_mama_vintage

As anyone who has been following me on Insta knows, I’ve REALLY got into vintage fashion in the last year. Jen Grainge lives by the seaside in the Scottish Highlands and has a fabulous vintage clothing selection. Her account showcases what clothes she’s got for sale as well as bits about her life and just cool vintage photos she finds. She’s a lovely lady and her account is a lot of fun.

@moon_mama_vintage Instagram account.

@moon_mama_vintage Instagram account

10. @wernchat

Lucy Werner is a PR expert for small businesses and her business partner and boyfriend Hadrian Chatelet is the design side of the ‘Wern’ business. The account is bursting with creativity, fun and ideas. It’s entertaining to consume, but it’s also jam packed with small business advice.

@wernchat Instagram account.

@wernchat Instagram account

I hope you enjoyed my 10 inspiring Instagram accounts! If you have any accounts you’d like to recommend me I’d love to hear about them. Just DM me at my Instagram account.

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