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10 Of My Favourite Instagram Accounts, December 2019

Writing about my favourite Instagram accounts always make me feel more passionate about Instagram. Even as an Instagram trainer I go through phases of feeling disheartened about the platform – I can get bored of what I’m seeing and I sometimes I lose my own creative mojo in my own posts.

However, when I take the time to reflect on my favourite Instagram accounts, I get so excited about the platform. It’s so wonderful to see creative people use Instagram as a blank canvas to express themselves, educate and inspire!

This month’s faves are a hotch potch assortment – from straight talking, strong women to funky tights and lovely interiors. For me, all of these accounts offer something refreshing and different. I hope you enjoy them.

1) @accidentallywesanderson

Wes Anderson (as I’m sure most of you know) is an American film director who’s done a load of cult films like Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums, and has a very distinctive visual style. His visuals are very symmetrical and have a monochromatic colour palette and a retro feel. His style is so recognisable that people like to find and take photos that are very ‘Wes Anderson’ – hence this account, which is a delightful!

Screengrab from @accidentallywesanderson Instagram account.

2. @jessphillipsmp

A personal hero of mine. She turns up on Instagram as she does on all platforms – real, passionate, brave, honest and hilarious.

Screengrab from @jessphillipsmp's Instagram account.

3 @hollytucker

Holly Tucker founded Not On The High Street and is now running a new business called Holly & Co that champions small businesses. And she really is a force of nature. I started listening to Holly’s Conversations of Inspiration podcast in summer this year – she interviews various entrepreneurs about their journeys. What I love about Holly is she is just so passionate and emotional! She’s completely infectious. At first I was a little suspicious that she was faking it – because she’s soooo enthusiastic ALL THE TIME, I just wondered if it was a bit of an act. But no, the more I listened, the more I realised – she’s the real deal. She also has so much wisdom about running a business to share, she really does have her finger on the pulse and believes passionately in doing good. Her insta account pops with energy and celebrates indie businesses in a colourful and original way.

Post from @hollytucker's account.

4) @recoverynutrition

Lindsey Beveridge is an nutritional therapist specialising in mental health and addiction recovery support. Having recovered from an addiction to alcohol herself, she has a lot of wisdom to share. Lindsey is incredibly honest and wise, her style is direct and informative, about her own recovery and also about what will help those on their road to recovery. Lindsey definitely cuts through the noise of Insta, her account is purposeful, helpful and inspiring.

Photo from @recoverynutrition's account.

5) @snagtights

Snag started in Edinburgh in 2018 with a simple mission – to make comfortable, fun tights for everyone. Their products are designed to fit all body shapes, from size 4 to size 36. Their Instagram account is a joyous celebration of women of different shapes, sizes and ethnicities looking cool in Snag tights. If only more fashion brands could emulate this approach.

Post from @snagtights account.

6) @annieridout

Annie Ridout is a journalist (amongst many other things!) and runs online courses to support entrepreneurs. She absolutely cuts through the crap. I’ve watched a couple of IGTVs she’s done about Instagram and just been very impressed/slightly jealous at how brilliantly and succinctly she explains how to use Instagram authentically and effectively for your business. And generally I just trust what she says about anything – be that online courses or seeing shyness as an asset. Her pictures are funky and fun too.

Post from @annieridout's account.

7) @manwithahammer

Greg is doing up an enormous Georgian mansion in Devon. He seems to be doing it single handedly alongside a job. I’ve no idea how as it looks like an insane project. He’s very charismatic and funny and shares his journey on Instagram. His energy and humour absolutely shine through on his account and make it a joy to consume his content. And he has great style, so it’s fascinating seeing him work on his ‘Georgian Pile’.

Post from @manwithahammer's account.

8) @sophiebenson

Sophie is a writer, stylist and lecturer working with a focus on sustainable fashion and feminism. I saw her speak on a panel recently and just loved her! All her clothes are second hand, but she always looks so colourful and awesome. She’s passionate, informed and challenging, and I feel like I’m receiving a great eco education from her posts and her online articles.

A post from @sophiebenson's account.

9) @spark_social

Lou Chudley aka @spark_social is an Instagram Trainer just like me, but in Bristol. We have become virtual friends over the past six months. Lou’s account pops with positivity, colour and advice. I like following Lou for Instagram tips and motivation – I really like her take on the platform. She’s dead funny on Stories too.

A post from @spark_social's account.

10) @goodlifeexperience

The Good Life Experience is a yearly outdoorsy, wildernessy, crafty, music-y, cultural event held in the grounds of a castle in Wales. It looks 100% like my cup of tea! Cerys Matthews (singer and 6Music presenter) is one of the founders and hosts. There’s wild swimming, outdoor feasts, lots of dogs and all manner of craft workshops. It looks like a blast. And I get to live the experience vicariously through their Instagram posts. Maybe I’ll even get to go one year!

A post from @goodlifeexperience account.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration with my December favourites and if you follow any interesting Instagram accounts you think I might like, please do DM me and fill me in.

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