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10 of my Favourite Instagram Accounts, July 2019

Looking at great Instagram accounts is one of the easiest ways to get inspiration to improve your own account. So here’s 10 of my faves for July.

You’ll notice a few Welsh accounts this month,. That’s because my friend Katy Carlisle has just moved to Anglesey and I’ve been getting very enthusiastic on her behalf about who she could be following!

1. @firain_shop

This is the account of an online shop based on the North Wales coast (in Criccieth to be precise). Jo sells handmade designs from brilliant independent makers. It’s a very calming and inspiring account, with lots of beachy and outdoorsy photos and Jo is just a very chatty, open and lovely person.

Firain shop instagram grid.

2. @wildswimsnowdownia

This really doesn’t need much explanation. Go and get inspired about where you can go wild swimming in Snowdownia.

Wild Swim Snowdonia Instagram grid.

3. @halenmon

I wasn’t expecting the Anglesey Sea Salt insta account to be quite so exquisite. But my goodness it is. It’s arty, it’s foodie and obviously there’s stunning photos of Anglesey.

I recently visited their shop and cafe in Anglesey and was literally drooling over the beautifully crafted ceramics and gifts in the shop. And their Tide cafe outside – oh yum! Vegetable soup has never tasted so good. In fact who knew vegetable soup could be sublime?

Halen Mon Instagram grid.

4. @josephinepbrooks

Josephine is a planning and productivity coach. First of all her account is very much countryside vibes and very relaxing. But also Josephine is super warm and honest on her account. She’s shares a lot of productivity tips, but always within the context of really looking after your wellbeing and mental health. Josephine doesn’t shy away from tackling thorny emotional issues on the gram and her account is a refreshingly honest and helpful place to hang out.

Josephine P Brooks Instagram grid.

5. @tullibeeuk

Love bright colours and fabric? Bek (who is pictured at the top of the blog post) sells colourful home decor and her account really pops. It’s a bright and buzzy place to be – her photos are beautiful and her account is so stylishly curated.

Tullibee Instagram grid,

6. @intwosandthrees

Leigh Jennings does sweary embroidery. What more could you want? She’s cool and funny and has cute cats.

@intwosandthrees Instagram account

7. @incolourfulcompany

In Colourful Company run colourful walks in different cities around the UK. Think big groups of women in colourful outifts posing in front of street art. It’s a lot of fun and this account documents it all wonderfully!

In Colourful Company Instagram grid.

8. @pollenbakery

If you like staring at baked goods and cute dogs as much as me, then Pollen Bakery’s account is one for you to follow. Pollen are based in Ancoats in Manchester and run a gorgeous bakery and cafe. They also have the most charismatic dog in the world.

@pollenbakery Instagram Account

9. @plantshopmanchester

Emma Nosurak runs a very cool plant shop in Stockport. And it’s not just a shop! They hold drink and drawing events and beer and music evenings too. Emma’s account is completely original and funny, with lots of random style inspo in the form of pictures of pop stars and animals and crochet museums.

@plantshopmanchester Instagram Account

10. @land_form

Landform is a network to promote & support the work of female landscape photographers and it’s run by Cath Stanley. As you would expect it features gorgeous landscapes and Cath sometimes runs get togethers for female photographers. I went to one in the Derbyshire countryside and it was a lovely event!

@land_form Instagram Account

If you have a favourite account you’d like to share with me do drop me an dm on my Instagram account and I might share it in my August top 10 Insta accounts blog post!

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