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10 of my Favourite Instagram Accounts, May 2019

As I always say, the best way to get good at Instagram, is to look at people who are doing it really well.

And when I talk about people who are doing it well, that doesn’t mean they have to have 10,000 followers. I know plenty of people who have under 1000 followers who have created vibrant, interesting accounts and have a committed and engaged community. I’ve also seen plenty of uninspiring accounts with very little engagement who have thousands of followers. Follower numbers are not a reflection of quality or success.

So here’s a list of some of my current faves:

  1. @kateholmes has an account that is colourful, funny and honest. If you want to get some Instagram Stories inspiration, Kate is your lady. I’ve never seen anyone use the music feature as creatively and hilariously as she does. Go and enjoy.
  2. @simpsonsisters – you probably already know I’m a big fan of Vanessa Dennett and her gorgeous barn in Somerset. If you want a fix of nature, country life, moody Somerset landscapes – then you’re in for a treat. And Vanessa is a lovely writer too. You’ll always find comfort, reflectiveness and a lot of compassion in her captions.
  3. @beerstork – a Stockport based craft beer company delivering beer to your doorstep. I don’t even like beer very much, but I love this account. Beautifully styled arty cans and bottles of beer in imaginative settings. It’s just such a happy, warm account.
  4. @inkandbear – I met Sophie Greenwood who’s a screen printer from Leeds at Blogtacular last year. We bonded over some palm print wallpaper at a bar! There are two reasons I enjoy Sophie’s account, her screen printing work is really imaginative and different and she posts about the process. And secondly she always seems to be on holiday somewhere interesting that I want to go (Japan/Tuscany) and posts great photos of those destinations.
  5. @skylinermcr is an alternative tour guide in Manchester. I’ve been on one of her tours of the Northern Quarter and oh my goodness, she knows her stuff and is so passionate. And her account is just the same. If you want to discover hidden gems, street art and find out quirky historical facts about Manchester – then she’s your lady. She takes gorgeous photos too.
  6. @this_victorian_house – a new discovery for me – what it says on the tin really. A couple doing up a lovely old Victorian house in Cheadle, Manchester. I was just very taken in by the lovely pictures and the feel of the account. It made me want to start renovating my house. I also like all the local references to businesses like @agapanthusinteriors (also worth a look at)
  7. @vanessakimbell – if you want to get crazy into sourdough, this is the lady to follow. She REALLY knows her stuff and her whole account is just a homage to the bread and the process and the benefits it brings to your health. Her photos are great too.
  8. @frombeewithlove – Bronte is into books and super imaginative, photoshopped pictures. She is good at creating worlds within her account – I guess she is the fictional star of these many worlds! Go check her out, it’s kind of impossible to explain her magic – one day she’s dressed like a 1950s model in a 1950s filmic scene, the next day she’s having a bath of cheerios, the next day she’s stroking a dinosaur. She does it all with style and imagination!
  9. @wtlgi – Where The Light Gets In has been called one of the coolest restaurants in the country by GQ magazine and lucky me, they’re based in Stockport. The ethos of the restaurant is that it’s all locally sourced ingredients – and foraged and grown by the team where possible. The restaurant is based in an old coffee warehouse and the design and architecture is very unique and beautiful. This account is all about the adventures, the experiments, the sourcing of produce and the comings and goings of the restaurant team.
  10. @jessica_ford_artist has a fantastic eye. I met Jessica at a @91magazine workshop and was deeply jealous of all the great photos Jessica was taking at the event on her iPhone. I had bad imposter syndrome because my photos weren’t as good as hers. Her account features her really modern, colourful abstract art and also just other gorgeous colourful stuff she sees while she’s out and about. It’s a joy to scroll through.

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