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13 Interior Instagram Accounts To Get You Excited

I’ve been having a good old clear out and spruce up of my own house, so interiors are 100% on my mind at the moment. I’ve come across some brilliant interior Instagram accounts on my recent scrolling adventures, so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. @themodernhouse

The Modern House is ‘an estate agency that helps people live in more thoughtful and beautiful ways’. They ‘believe in design as a powerful force for good – from personal factors such as wealth and wellbeing to more macro themes including community, place-making and architectural preservation’. What a fab mission statement. And their Instagram account feels very beautiful and original, showcasing all sorts of stunning homes. 

@themodernhouse interiors Instagram account.
@themodernhouse Instagram account.

2. @ohhihome

There’s lots of pink, lots of plants and plenty of retro furniture and finds. This is definitely my kind of account.

@ohhihome Interior Instagram account.
@ohhihome Instagram account

3. @forbesrixdesign

Owners Natalie Forbes and Louisa Rix live in a beautiful listed cottage in South West London. Natalie and Louisa just have incredibly good taste – mixing old and new – do go and have a look!

@forbesrixdesign Interior Instagram account.
@forbesrixdesign Instagram account

4. @hanbullivant

Han Bullivant is an interior stylist and she’s very enthusiastic about creating nurturing spaces, inside and out. Her interior taste is inspired by nature and is calming and joyful. I’ve really enjoyed Han’s ‘Fresh Nest Challenge’ during lockdown – over seven days she gave her audience a ten minture interior task every day. It was very realistic and motivating and just what we all needed. If you scroll through her Instagram you can still get the tasks.

@hanbullivant interior Instagram account.
@hanbullivant Instagram account

5. @nicola_c_interiors

Nicola Cummins is an interior designer in Sheffield. Her account is jam packed with practical tips for anyone attempting some interior design themselves! I’ve booked some 1:1 Zoom sessions with Nicola myself recently and she was so brilliant. She was super quick at assessing the spaces in my house and made clever and imaginative suggestions for improvement. And she created me an awesome Pinterest board. I’m very happy with the results.

@nicola_c_interiors interior Instagram account.
@nicola_c_interiors Instagram account

6. @thehousethatbuiltcolour

Jess and Rick love renovating, plants and colours. They are my kind of people! I’m absolutely mesmerised by their pastel house – it’s a thing of wonder.

@thehousethatbuiltcolour interior Instagram account.
@thehousethatbuiltcolour Instagram account

7. @tierneyterracelocation

Another brightly coloured house, this time by Nikki and Luke who’ve taken their inspiration from Palm Springs. This is a joyful, fizzy place!

@tierneyterrace interior Instagram account.
@tierneyterrace Instagram account

8. @the_oldrectory

Londoners India and her husband Amadu and two kids fell in love with this ‘old Victorian wreck’ in Norfolk last year and bought it on a whim. It’s been a very stressful and interesting journey. They are currently living in a caravan until the house is habitable. Go and have a browse and find out more – it’s wonderful place.

@the_oldrectory interior Instagram account
@the_oldrectory Instagram account

9. @homestolovenz

This is a curation of beautiful homes in New Zealand. Lots of exquisite modern architecture in stunning landscapes. Sadly they stopped posting in April due to Bauer NZ, the magazine company who curated the account shutting down, but there’s still many hours of inspiring scrolling that can be done here.

@homestolovenz interior Instagram account
@homestolovenz Instagram account

10. @mytinyestate

Follow the progress of Dean and Borja who are doing up a ‘tiny estate’ in Warwickshire. The tiny and very beautiful estate consists of a Georgian house, cottages, stables and gardens. They are brimming with enthusiasm and hacks. It’s an inspiring and fun account to follow.

@mytinyestate interior instagram account
@mytinyestate Instagram account

11. @mrcigar

Ron Goh of @mrcigar lives in a bright, industrial space located in Auckland, New Zealand. Ron has created an amazing Mid Century modern urban jungle in his home. Go and get lost down a glorious rabbit hole on his account.

@mrcigar interior instagram account
@mrcigar Instagram account

12. @thegplanstory

If you like mid century furniture then check this account out. @thegplanstory celebrates 50s and 60s midcentury modern furniture and is a lovely place to browse.

@thegplanstory interior Instagram account.
@thegplanstory Instagram account

13. @manwithahammer

Greg is doing up a ‘Georgian pile’ in Devon in his spare time. I’ve no idea how as it looks like an insane project. He’s very charismatic and funny and shares his journey on Instagram. His energy and humour absolutely shine through on his account and make it a joy to consume his content. He’s also got great style and loves vintage furniture and bold colours.

@manwithahammer Interior Instagram account.
@manwithahammer Instagram account

I hope you enjoyed these and I’d love to hear about your favourite interior Instagram accounts as I’m always looking for more inspiration. Drop me a DM at my Instagram account.

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