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5 Easy Wins On Instagram

I know quite a few people are craving nice simple Instagram tips, that are quick and easy to execute. So here’s 5 easy wins on Instagram for you to crack on with.  I came up with them for a live I did recently with Karen Webber. You can watch the whole live back here if you fancy some more inspiration.

Pep Up Your Insta

1. Ask a recent client or customer to write you a testimonial and put it on their Stories. Get them to tag you in so you can share it too. Save it to a highlight reel called ‘testimonials’

2. Look through a good stack of testimonials that you’ve received throughout your time in business. Take the most striking sentences and share them on your grid in the coming weeks. Use @wordswag or @canva to create a nice font and put the quote on a pretty background. Also soak up the compliments while you’re at it, it’ll be a good ego boost!

3. Share a recent win on Insta. Personal or business. Maybe you baked a good cake? Shout about it! You’ve gained a client? Celebrate with your audience! It’s a positive and emotional connecting opportunity.

4. Think about WHY you do what you do! What motivated you to start your business? Share a picture from the early days of your business and describe a bit of the back story. People will be curious to hear about it.

5. Post a behind the scenes picture of your current workplace. Perhaps you are working from home and your office is a messy kitchen table surrounded by kids’ toys. A lot of people are working from home right now and it will be relatable scene that might spark conversations!

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