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My Story

Hi! I’m Katya Willems and I’m an Instagram Coach and ‘cheerleader’.

During my 10 years working at the BBC, I was hugely involved in teaching social media to staff, so much so that it became the thing that excited me the most. It was a delight to see a really positive change in people’s outlook and confidence while using social media as result of my events and workshops.

I left the BBC 5 years ago, looking to make a change. I was turning 40 and I was desperate to focus on my creativity and wanted to leave my mark on the world. I had no idea what this change was going to look like, but I knew I was ready to grow in new, positive ways.

I set up Easyinstamcr in 2017, and these past four years delivering Instagram workshops and one-to-one training have transformed my life for the better.

On a personal level, I’ve reconnected with and nurtured a more powerful, interesting version of myself. I’ve discovered opinions and tastes I never even knew I had! I’ve made friends and acquaintances who are so creative, brave and pioneering that it blows my mind. I have designed my own life to look how I want it to look. I go wild swimming and hiking all the time, and no one tells me what to do!

Want to know one of the most exciting things? Instagram has played a HUGE part in all of it. Instagram has been a blank creative canvas that has allowed me to test out parts of this new version of me. I have gained so much from a tool that we all have access to.

Yes, it has its faults – Instagram can be addictive, and you have to be careful with your mental health as with any social media. But if you strike the right balance, it’s a powerful tool. Instagram has been a place to truly find and build my tribe of creative, inspiring, smart, kind people. The support and cheering on I’ve experienced from the Insta community has helped me rebuild the new, happier me. The inspiration I get from the accounts I follow is something else. I feel like I have so many amazing role models of women building businesses and doing things differently. I’ve been able to see that it’s possible to be a kind, sensitive business owner AND kick ass!

My Business Philosophy

Through my business journey, I’ve worked with bigger companies like the BBC, The Lake District National Park and Victoria Baths and smaller businesses ranging from PR consultants, marketers, yoga teachers, photographers, coaches and many more.

I believe that behind every business is a fascinating story. I love digging in and helping the people I work with understand why their story is interesting and how to translate that into content. When my clients identify their own uniqueness and personality and start to share it, it’s hugely satisfying to see the uplift they experience in engagement, followers and leads.

If you’re looking to have a journey of discovering yourself on Insta while you build your business and raise your profile on here, do get in touch! My Special Sauce coaching package and Power Hours are a great way to unearth different facets of yourself to start sharing on Insta. Or if you’re looking for workshops, check out my Reels for Beginners and Small Business Workshop.

Make your Instagram account shine!