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Batch Create Your Instagram Reels

I thoroughly recommend batch creating your Instagram Reels – it’s a hassle free way of creating a bunch of juicy content all in one sitting, to eke out in the weeks ahead.

Here’s how to batch create 3 Reels using the prompts: Tips/Behind The Scenes & Lip Sync:

1. Tips

Think about 3 questions your clients/customers constantly ask you. Put your answers in a Reel, and there you have a brilliant tips Reel.

2. Behind the Scenes

Jot down interesting bits and pieces you’ll be doing in your work day/week that you can capture on video. Eg coworking, making a product, coffee breaks, working at your laptop, crossing off a to do list, tidying your office, client meeting, commute. Then go and record those events and put them in a Reel.

3. Lip Sync

Go to the little Reels icon at the very bottom of your account. Click on it and scroll through an array of Reels. There will be plenty of lip sync Reels. Pick one that inspires you. Go to the bottom of that Reel and you’ll see the description of the audio. Click on that and you’ll be taken to another screen. You can then either save the audio to use later or ‘use audio’ there and then to create your own lip sync Reel. It might take quite a few gos to get the timing right with the lip synching!

Save all these Reels as draft copies and post one a week.

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