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Creating A Healthier Relationship With Instagram

I recently read The Source by pyshciatrist and neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart. It helped me clarify how and why I wanted to change my relationship with Instagram.

The Source is a book about the brain. It explains how we have the power to change our behaviour and start leading bigger, happier lives.

A big topic covered is manifesting. I know this is an irritating term for many, but what this book reveals is the science behind manifesting.

Manifesting works because our subconscious controls so much of what happens to us! Did you know that 90-95% of our behaviour is dictated by our subconscious?

By working at creating better realities and beliefs in your brain and rewiring your subconscious, you can create new and improved experiences in life.

I was so inspired by this book, it got me thinking I want to do everything I can to look after my precious brain, and treat it well so I can thrive.

However, I realised that often Instagram causes my brain to melt and malfunction, because it’s so addictive. At times it makes me behave in such a bizarre way, I don’t even recognise myself! The compulsive checking of Insta is probably the worst part of it.

Reading the Source gave me a new respect for my brain. There are so many pay offs to treating it right. So that’s why I’m working at creating a healthier relationship with Instagram so that I call the shots, not the other way round!

My Action Plan For Changing My Insta Habits For The Better

  • I’m embracing using the scheduling tool Onlypult so that I spend less time on the platform.
  • I’m trying to deliberately spend chunks of time away from the platform, to reduce my tendency to compulsively check Insta.
  • I will be observing my own behaviour on Instagram and calling myself out when I’m doing stuff that’s compulsive and unhealthy.

I’d love to hear what your relationship is like with Instagram. Do you have any boundaries in place to help you enjoy the platform more? DM me @easyinstamcr

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