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F**k The Instagram Likes

Here’s a truth bomb

I follow loads of accounts that don’t get very many likes on their posts. And I STILL LOVE THEIR CONTENT. In fact there are loads of accounts like this with unremarkable Instagram likes that I’ve spent a good deal of money with. Their content is still good, they are just not gaming the algorithm incessantly, so they don’t get the engagement that they are due.⁣

So here’s a little exercise for you. Go and find 5 accounts you totally LOVE who don’t consistently get loads of likes.⁣

Get a healthier perspective on what a good Instagram account looks like

Let’s be honest, we all know some accounts that get insane likes and we’ve no idea why, because their content doesn’t seem particularly special. And PS just because someone gets a lot of likes, it doesn’t mean that it is translating into sales.⁣

I’d like to encourage you to take pride in curating your Instagram account. Do it in the same spirit that that you might put together an outfit if you were meeting friends for a lunch at a cool venue. Think about putting your best foot forward and showing off! Bring some of that happy, vibey energy to your account and⁣

1. tell the back story of your business⁣

2. show some behind the scenes stuff⁣

3. share some mistakes⁣

4. d*ck about with your audience⁣

5. offer them tips⁣

6. tell them clearly and regularly what you’re selling and why they should buy it from you⁣

Have fun, get creative AND F*CK THE INSTAGRAM LIKES! If you follow my advice above, I’m telling you, you will sell regardless of the volume of likes you receive.⁣

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