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Freshwalks brings business people together through the simple combination of walking and talking.

I’m completely evangelical about Fresh Walks. It’s networking and hiking all rolled into one, what’s not to love?

If you’re like me, you like to add a dose of adventure to your business. Freshwalks is the perfect way to connect with new likeminded people, and to explore and enjoy nature alongside some amazing potential co-workers and collaborators.

Freshwalks is networking and hiking all rolled into one.

This is such a fulfilling combination.

By being in inspiring surroundings and occupying your mind and body with walking, you feel totally released from the normal awkwardness you might feel at a traditional networking event.

This creates the space for Fresh Walkers to have some really freeing, high quality conversations.

Upcoming Freshwalks

I will be leading each one of these upcoming walks… hope to see you there!
picture of women in hayfield hills.

Walks for Women: Marple

9 February

A gentle 5 mile walk along the canal and the river Goyt.


The Freshwalks that I lead are all in South Manchester and are usually between 4 and 5 miles in length. We go to places like Dunham Massey, New Mills and Tegg’s Nose Country Park.

The Freshwalks Experience

I love to be out in the countryside and I love walking. I also absolutely adore getting to know people and having deep and meaningful conversations. There is nothing I find more fulfilling. This is why Freshwalks operates on different levels for me:

Who knew networking could be such a rush!

I always come back from Freshwalks absolutely buzzing. Its an awesome combination of endorphins from physical exercise, stimulation from the great new connections, and inspiration from the beautiful countryside


Real-life connections:

I receive an abundance of positive and helpful support from people who understand my world. Freelance life can be pretty lonely, especially in a time when everything happens online. Meeting up for a physical activity with other business owners is the best change of pace, and does wonders for your wellbeing. It’s an absolute lifeline!


Effective Networking:

Fresh walks creates a perfect space where networking is enjoyable and gets results. I have gained business from Fresh Walks, but what’s been more important is developing a really lovely and useful group of contacts. These contacts are based on friendship and trust – the best way to build a business community. It really proves that business is all about finding your people.


Discovery and Learning:

These connections can lead to so many new possibilities. You can share and gain knowledge for your business, or for any passion or interest you may have! For me, I’ve really appreciated the photography mentoring I’ve found on Freshwalks. There’s a couple of photographers in the group who’ve been very encouraging to me, and I even ended up lucky enough to assist them on shoots.



Enough said.


Why not try it out?! It’d be amazing to see you there.

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