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Get Comfortable Talking To Camera: 5 Tips

Would you like to get comfortable talking to camera?

It took me a long time to feel at ease on video. But in 2018 I made it my mission to master this skill. I went from robot to chilled & chatty in a few months.

Want to know my secret formula?

Practice + Practice + Practice + Practice + Practice

And to break it down, here’s 5 talking to camera ‘practice’ guidelines I often share with clients:

1) Start talking to camera in Stories. Do a single Story. Recommend a great business book or podcast – explain why you liked it. It will disappear after 24 hours so you can relax.

2) Make a commitment to talk on Stories once a week for a month. Here’s some other prompts to talk about: business goal for the year, best business achievement of 2021, a tip that gets you motivated on a difficult day, what’s your favourite tune on your Spotify.

3) Remember you can do as MANY TAKES AS YOU LIKE before you upload that video. No-one will ever know you did 23 takes.

4) Imagine you are talking to a friend. Pick a friend who is always really interested in what you say. Picture them in your head when you press record.

5) When you feel like you’ve got comfortable talking on Stories, graduate to a short video on the grid. Sharing 3 useful tips that you know your audience need to hear is a good starting point. When you think how much you are going to be helping people, it helps you get past self consciousness.

Good luck! And if you want some more tips on Talking To Camera, here’s another blog post I wrote.

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