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How To Find Creative Spark When You Feel Blergh

I don’t know about you, but I’m regularly having days when I have no creative spark. The pandemic, lockdown and just winter in general have really challenged my motivation and creativity levels.

So here’s my tips on how to deal with that feeling of ‘blergh, I don’t feel like doing any work, I don’t think I’ll ever come up with a good idea again’: 

1) Be patient and kind to yourself.

This lack of motivation will pass. In the meantime be as nice to yourself as you can be. Schedule time in your day to do things you enjoy – even if it’s just ten minutes of reading or dancing around the kitchen to a favourite song. Work slowly, take breaks, and talk nicely to yourself in your head.

flatlay of courier magazine and tony's chocoloney.
A bit of chill out time with a magazines can work wonders

2) Set the scene.

If you’re trying to come up with creative ideas for your business, cold, hard pressure on yourself rarely works. Try to create inviting conditions to get those creative juices flowing. Music, scented candles, lovely stationery, tasty drinks – whatever floats your boat.

Ps if you want to know where to get delicious candles, I’m a big fan of Old Man & Magpie candles.

pilgrim green tea candle and matches.
Lighting a candle sets the scene for me

3) Join forces

Find business buddies to share the load.  Arrange a mastermind with a few fellow business owners or just have a zoom chat with one business friend. Share your struggles and bounce ideas. It will make you feel a million times better and I bet you’ll feel motivated by the end of it.

katya willems and Karen webber walking in the woods.
I often go for brainstorming walks with my business bestie Karen Webber

If you have any tips for finding your creative spark, I’d love to hear them!

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