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How To Grow Your Instagram: Engagement

Creating good content isn’t enough. It is absolutely critical to your success on Instagram to build a community. And to consistently show up and nurture that community. Because ultimately it’s connecting with your audience that allows them to know, like and trust you, which leads to sales. This means starting conversations, asking questions, encouraging your audience to participate with your content. It also means regularly finding relevant people to follow and responding to messages and comments you receive as well. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work, but it works! And you really do make friends with fantastic people which is very rewarding.

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My Engagement Tips

I used the interactive question sticker and the layout feature on Stories to ask my audience which dress to choose for my birthday party. People loved getting involved in my choice!
  • Use the interactive stickers on Instagram Stories
    • eg polls, questions and sliders. It’s amazing how running a simple poll on the most basic of subjects like ‘cream tea: jam on top or cream on top?’ can get your audience tapping away on their screens.
  • Comment on people’s accounts
    • If you just like a post by pressing the heart icon, no-one will notice you. If you comment, that account and their followers will see you and a conversation can start.
  • Make those comments descriptive/meaningful
    • Rather than ‘I like your photo’. say WHY you like the photo, perhaps it’s the light or the emotion. That’s more likely to start a conversation.
  • Follow new accounts regularly
    • Make sure they are accounts that you are genuinely interested in and align with your values because you don’t want to be following a load of accounts that don’t inspire you. Leave some meaningful comments on those accounts as soon as you follow them so they know they’ve got a new follower.
  • Develop actual friendships
    • View the people you interact with as potential friends. Be helpful and just take the time to get to know them. Remember relationships take time and effort.
  • When you write a caption, ask a question. 
    • If you ask your audience to contribute to your conversation they probably will! If you don’t give them a reason to comment, they probably won’t. You could even ask them to help you overcome a problem – eg I asked people to help me style and organise my chaotic office – I got so much great advice.
  • Shout out other people’s posts
    • If you love something someone has posted share it to Stories using the aeroplane icon on a person’s post.
Instagram Engagement bingo game.
Give this engagement bingo game a whirl and I’m confident you’ll see an increase in engagement on your account.

Here’s my Instagram engagement bingo if you fancy a fun challenge! It’s got a load of suggestions to get you going. Do DM me on my Instagram Account and let me know how you’re getting on with it.

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