Why Instagram Stories Are A Business Super Power

Why Instagram Stories Are A Business Super Power

I’m really passionate about how Instagram Stories can make a big difference to your business. I was already a fan, but when @spark_social and I did an Instagram live on the topic, it sharpened my focus and reminded me why Stories are a business super power. 

Instagram Stories, It’s Like Being In The Pub After A Conference

Instagram Stories are informal and fun, so people tend to show up as their true selves. It’s like the atmosphere of a pub after a conference where people get to know you more personally. In Stories our audience gets a glimpse into the many facets of our personality and our tastes.  This makes us more accessible and provides more points of reference for connection with our audience.  If you share an Instagram Story about hating home schooling, it could spark up many conversations. Or if you mention that you LOVE Sally Rooney’s Normal People on TV – that might get a few chins nodding. There’s just more scope to share a variety of ‘real things’ about yourself on Stories.

Instagram Story with text asking how to get rid of an invasion of fruit flies.
This was one of my most engaged Instagram Stories recently. I got so many replies and suggestions!

Be Less Self Conscious In Direct Messages

And then there’s DMs. If people respond to your Stories, the conversation then takes place in your DMs. DMs are private so it takes away a level of self consciousness.  You can relax and get to know whoever you are talking to with a bit more freedom.

When your followers choose to spend money, that decision is based on whether they know, like and trust you. Instagram Stories allow you to nurture relationships so that your audience will become warmed up to buying from you.

To watch the Instagram Live that @spark_social and I did on Growing Your Business With Instagram Stories – click here.

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