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Let Your Insta Freak Flag Fly

I feel really sad that people are afraid to put the true essence of themselves into their Insta content. It’s a shame, because that means we’re all missing out on their unique vibes and magic!

I’d like to dare you all to ‘fly your freak flag’, because owning your quirks, and your personality and your individual energy is what makes you magnetic. It will help you stand out from the crowd on Insta.

I’ll be honest, the last thing anyone wants to see on Instagram is yet another pink inspirational quote. We want to see content that surprises and intrigues us. Not content that is a repeat of what everyone else is doing on Instagram.

Think about who you really love on Instagram. Which accounts create posts that you can’t wait to see, that make you laugh, that get you commenting? My guess is that those accounts are quirky, individual and are being true to themselves.

I realise suggesting you ‘fly your freak flag’ is easy to for me to tell you to do. It’s less easy to put into practise. So I’ve come up with six simple ways to for you to show more originality and ‘you-ness’ in your content. I hope you find them inspiring:

6 Ways To Fly Your Freak Flag

1. Share Your Tastes

Just by talking about the books, podcasts, food, art, clothes, decor you like, you are establishing what makes you you. Don’t hold back from sharing some of the things you might be a teensy bit embarassed to admit you like, because there will be someone out there who thinks the same. I love Dick Vincent’s @ahungryvinylcollector account where he shares his food and vinyl loves. The music and recipes he posts about are just a bit different and really catch my eye.

Dick Vincent Instagram post about stout and kinder chocolate.
Dick Vincent’s eye-catching content

2. Show Your Funny Side

Our sense of humour tells our audience a lot about us and is such a great connector. Personally, I’m not witty, but I do love goofing around and laughing at myself for making mistakes or just acting the idiot. This is 100% flying my freak flag because I’m tapping into the real me and allowing people to see me.

I love @goodnessmarketing‘s post below. She has so much fun in this caption with the fact that she spent the day litter picking with a pal. She starts by quoting ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. Which immediately had me in stitches. Karen then goes on to realise that she accidentally co-ordinated her outfit with the black and yellow litter pickers that she owns. It’s just a silly, light hearted, warm post and it’s not trying too hard. It’s just fun and easy to connect with.

Karen Webber instagram post.


@goodnessmarketing is great at making her audience laugh

3. Reveal Something About Yourself

You could share something unique from your back story, or a belief you hold, a daily ritual you have or be brave and get vunerable about something. I love that Helen Bee of @b_2_es reveals in this post below how much she hates having her photo taken. She is allowing us to get to know her a little bit better by sharing that. Flying your freak flag doesn’t have to be loud and brash, it can be quiet and subtle too.

Helen Bee instagram post.


Helen Bee shared her vunerability in this post

4. Talk To Camera

A sure fire way to fly your freak flag is to regularly talk to camera. No matter what you’re talking about your uniqueness will seep through. My friend and fellow Insta expert, Lou Chudley, regularly shows up on camera in her Stories, just to chat about her day. Lou will share silly stories about what’s happened during the day, whether that’s befriending a cat during lockdown or the car breaking down, she’s just so herself in these chats. It makes her memorable and easy to connect with.

Lou Chudley Instagram post.


Lou Chudley is the queen of talking to camera Stories

5. Offer Your Personal Take On Advice

Use your own language and perspective on things to offer advice. I see way too many blandly recycled bits of business advice repeated all over Instagram. I love the way that Fleur Emery of @dorealwork offers a refreshing and honest take on business advice based on her own experience. Have a look at the post below. That’s the type of advice people sit up and listen to.

Fleur Emery Instagram post.


Fleur Emery always have a very original take on business advice

6. Let Your Freak Flag Fly On Reels

Reels work best if you get a bit experimental with them. They are designed to be silly, so it’s like you have permission to fly your freak flag on Reels. Sara Arkle of @arklemarketing has embraced the new feature and has showed a much livelier, more multi-facted side to her personality on Reels than she was showing on her regular grid posts. It involves a lot of dancing and laughter. Her audience is loving it.

Sara Arkle Instagram Reel.


Sara Arkle flying her freak flag in a Reel

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and do DM me on my Insta to tell me your experience of flying your freak flag and how it’s gone down. I’m always fascinated to hear.


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