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Do you feel like your Instagram account could do with a bit of a shake up and a refresh? My Instagram audit checklist will help you get it into sharp focus and working better for you.

1. Is The ‘Look’ Of Your Instagram Account Good Enough?

The look of your Instagram counts. People make a split second judgement about whether they are going to follow you or not based on a glance at your account. If it looks jumbled and there’s no clear theme, you could lose a potential follower.

Whilst Instagram accounts don’t need to look as slick and polished as they did a few years ago, I think it pays to have a level of consistency and a colour scheme.

All these apps can help you with the look of your feed:

  • for choosing colour palettes
  • canva for creating graphics (best done on the desktop version – I don’t like their app!)
  • adesignkit for creating funky graphics on iPhones – see example below
  • VSCO for editing images, good if you like a filmic, moody quality to your photo
  • acolorstory for editing images, especially good for colourful, bright feeds
  • mosiaco for planning your grid (iPhones only)
  • preview for planning your grid
Yellow graphic created on @adesignkit.
This is an eye-catching graphic I created with @adesignkit

2. Do You Have A Clear and Enticing Instagram Bio?

Have you explained your business succinctly and with creative flair in your biography? You need to grab the attention of potential followers and pack a punch in those 150 characters. It could make or break whether they follow you or not.

I’ve been working on my bio strapline for over two years. I’m finally actually happy with it – so be patient if yours isn’t quite right yet, it may need to percolate. Go and get ideas from other businesses with fab Instagram accounts, see how they describe what they do!  

Pro Tip: Emojis in your bio can help to spangle things up a bit.   

Katya Willems Instagram trainer Instagram biography.
It’s taken me two years to be happy with my bio!

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3. Are Your Highlight Reels Serving A Clear Business Purpose?

What do your highlight reels say about you? Highlight reels are what new followers look at to suss you out. So they should tell a clear story about your business and your vibe. They work a bit like a menu on a website.

Sit down and have a think about relevant categories to share. You may even need to create some new Instagram Stories if there’s an area of your business or brand that you want to add (like testimonials).

I’ve just updated mine to reflect my current services, client testimonials and useful Instagram advice. I also added a non business related reel called ‘fun’ to showcase some silly things I get to up, so people can get a sense of my personality.

Katya Willems Instagram trainer, highlight reels.
My newly refreshed highlight reels.

4. Have You Got A Good Balance Of Business Related And Entertaining Content?

Although it’s really important to not just post about your business ALL the time, because it gets boring, it’s also important to regularly remind people what your business IS. Whether thats by talking about your services, sharing behind the scenes posts or offering free tips.

If you think your squares are a bit light on business related posts at the moment, plan some content to bump that up. And if your content is a bit business heavy, throw in some more human, personal stuff in – throwback photos, hobbies, day trips – it’ll allow your audience to connect with you as a human being and give them more talking points to start conversations with you.

5. Is Your ‘Link In Bio’ Landing Page Short, Purposeful And Up To Date?

Most people tend to use ‘their link in bio’ landing page to link to Linktree or a similar landing page of links. This makes it possible to promote several services, products, events and blogposts etc at once.

It’s important to keep your list of links short and relevant. It’s tempting to put EVERYTHING you want to promote on that list. But think of your community, they don’t want to be overwhelmed by a list of 10 options. I would say 4 or 5 links would be ideal, even if that means missing out on promoting a couple of things.

This is my link page – I do my best to keep it short!

6. Have You Introduced Yourself Recently?

I say this all the time, but it’s worth introducing yourself every couple of months because we all gain new followers all the time! And even followers who been following you for years need a bit of reminding about who you are and what you do!

I suggest you write a bit about what you sell, how and when you started your business, why you love what you do and a few fun facts (favourite biscuit, what you like doing in your spare time, any weird quirks etc!).

7. Are You Posting Regularly To Explain What Products Or Services You Offer?

Your audience may understand what your business is, but chances are they don’t understand your full product range/service range.

This is something that you could do every six weeks, because people forget. Do it as an IGTV, or a post or as a Story. Don’t worry if people have heard it all before. They’ll need refreshing and reminding. And your new followers will definitely need this information.

Katya Willems Instagram Trainer IGTV.
I did a recent IGTV explaining my services.

Let me know how you get on with this Instagram audit – I’d love to hear! DM on my Instagram account to tell me.

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