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My Top Eco Friendly Instagram Accounts

As my concern for the environment increases, I’ve found myself drawn to Instagram accounts trying to do their bit to slow down climate change. I’m hungry for knowledge so I’ve been on the hunt for accounts to inspire and educate me to lead a more sustainable life.

Here are some of the best environmental Instagram accounts I’ve stumbled across. I’m sure you’ll be motivated by their passion & purpose and all the ingenious ideas they share.

1. @goodlivingscotland

Naomi and Gavin of Good Living Scotland run this eco online shop from Central Scotland. In particular I love the Stories (starring Naomi) where she chats about and demonstrates recipes, shows us the gorgeous products in her store and offers fab eco tips. The account is super informative, upbeat and welcoming. And it looks good too.

@goodlivingscotland Instagram account
@goodlivingscotland is a great example of an eco friendly Instagram account

2. @simplishliving

I can’t for the life of me work out what this lady is called or where she lives. But I love the sentiment of her Instagram account. She’s not perfect at the eco stuff but she’s documenting her journey in a fun, colourful, piss takey kind of way. There’s load of useful eco tips and the photos are great.

@simplishliving Instagram account
The @simplishliving Instagram account is a humourous take on eco living

3. @patagoniamanchester

Patagonia Manchester run loads of events – environmental talks, film nights, litter picking walks, yoga sessions, hikes in the Peak District as well as sessions at the shop where they repair clothes for free (they don’t even have to be from Patagonia). The Instagram account keeps you update on all these activities and just is a very jolly, inspiring place to be.

@patagoniamanchester Instagram account
@patagoniamanchester publicise many fab eco activities and events on their Instagram account

4. @fash_rev

Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency in the fashion industry and this 296k strong Instagram account supports the movement. It’s educational, thought-provoking and makes you want to take action.

@fash_rev Instagram account.
@fash_rev is a very motivating Instagram account

5. @jenlittlebirdie

Jen Chillingsworth is all about living slowly, simply and sustainably. In her mid 40s with a family, Jen has a relatable style of writing about trying to live a simpler life, whilst being very honest about the ups and downs of it all. She has a real depth about her that I like and her photos of her home and her outings are gorgeous. I particularly want to stay in the eco safari tents where she stayed in Fife – I had total holiday envy. I’m also enjoying Jen’s book Live Green which is full of easy tips to live more sustainably.

@jenlittlebirdie Instagram account.
@jenlittlebirdie is a beautiful and inspiring Instagram account

6. @alexandrajellicoe

Doctor Alexandra Jellicoe is an environmental engineer and scientist. I was really wowed by how she expressed herself on a 5 Live interview with Nicky Campbell (she posted the video on her Instagram). Her vocabulary is not scientific – it’s simple and human and easy to understand. And I love the way she describes herself as compassionate in the interview, that she wants to protect the people of the UK and the world from the frightening outcomes of climate change. And the rest of her Instagram account is similar – compassionate, positive and motivational. Exactly the type of person we need to be getting other people on board with environmental changes.

@alexandrajellicoe Instagram account
@alexandrajellicoe is an environmental scientist – she really knows her stuff

7. @thegoodlifeheatons

My favourite local zero waste shop in Heaton Mersey, Manchester. I make a monthly trip to this lovely store to stock up on laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, sourdough, lentils and whatever else takes my fancy. It’s a beautiful looking shop and the staff are so welcoming and helpful. It’s a nice experience because you have to ask for help with the weighing of your jars and with filling some of your containers – which leads to lots of chats and just makes the whole process of shopping more meaningful. It’s a real treat going there. And their Instagram is also a delight.

@thegoodlifeheatons an environmental Instagram account.
@thegoodlifeheatons is a happy place to shop

8. @creativewilderness

This is my friend Charlotte Holyroyd and she’s an ethical designer. Charlotte uses her account to showcase her fabulous work with clients, but also to talk about her ethical and eco values. It’s just a very real and honest account and Charlotte always talks from the heart. And it all looks beautiful too. I find it a refreshing and inspiring place to be.

@creativewilderness an environmental Instagram account.
@creativewilderness – her Instagram is a refreshing and inspiring place to be

9. @ecothing

Chrissy is a down to earth artist and mum trying to live her best sustainable life. She’s chatty, informative and funny. It’s a great account to pick up tips and get inspired to do your bit.

@ecothing an environmental Instagram account.
@ecothing – is great for simple eco tips to follow

10. @arestaurantwherethelightgetsin

Where The Light Gets in is an awesome eco restaurant in Stockport. Restaurant critic Marina O’Loughlin said it was ‘the most exciting food I’ve eaten in years’. There’s no menu and you get what you’re given depending on what’s available locally – including foraged, pickled and locally butchered meat and food. Their Instagram account is a lovely scrap book of the behind the scenes of this unconventional and very cool restaurant.

@arestaurantwherethelightgetsin an environmental Instagram account.
@arestaurantwherethelightgetsin is a very cool sustainable restaurant in Stockport

Do you have any favourite green living Instagram accounts? If you do, please comment on my Instagram.

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