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New Year’s Resolutions With a Difference

I used to LOVE goal setting. I’d get wildly ambitious at New Year and set myself punishing goals – usually involving dieting and exercise and some other quite one dimensional targets.

This year, I was thinking, shall I bother? What’s the point of imposing unrealistic and restricting expectations on myself?

But then I thought, why don’t I set myself some nice, gentle goals that act as a positive guide rather than a set of restrictions?

So this is what I came up with for 2019:

1) Look for more opportunities to be creatively inspired
2) Drink more water
3) Try to reduce my two pudding a day habit down to one pudding a day
4) Take small steps to be more environmentally conscious
5) Keep working at improving my internal dialogue (i.e. make it more positive)

I was very pleased with these. They made me feel good and excited, which suggests I might follow through on them.

A coach friend of mine came up with a useful idea about setting New Year’s resolutions, she suggested coming up with a theme rather than a list of goals. I was in the mood, so I took it one step further and added a theme to my resolutions.

I’ve been running my own business for six months and I do have a tendency to be really hard on myself and expect myself to be way further along on my business journey than is realistic. So I realised I needed a theme that would help me chill out and enjoy the process a bit more. So I’ve gone for ‘patience’ and ‘curiosity’.  As with the resolutions I’d set, my theme made me feel positive and calm about the year ahead.

And then there was one final stage to my New Year’s resolutions (it was a busy afternoon)! I decided to do a vision board for 2019.

This is a very unstructured process – if you fancy doing it – just grab some magazines and cut out pictures, words and phrases that resonate with you and what you want in your life. When you’ve got a pile of cut out bits, assess what you’ve got and lay it all out on a big piece of card and get gluing.

Vision board.

My 2019 Vision Board

I was very pleased with what I came up with – there are some nice photos of Iceland and the countryside and indoor plants and delicious healthy food, and phrases and words such as ‘Feel less busy, get more done’ and ‘ethical’, ‘meat-free’ and ‘pink and yellow’. I think it’s a lovely visual representation of what I want from 2019 – adventure, countryside, colour, calmness and to be more ethical and environmental.

The vision board is now hanging in my office and it makes me feel uplifted and happy every time I look at it.

I’d love to hear how you approach New Year’s resolutions? Do you do it a little bit differently? Or do you bother at all?

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