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Reclaim Your Brain

Last year I became sick of my own compulsive behaviour on Instagram. I knew I was ready for a change in 2022. It was time to reclaim my brain.

I recently listened to a Dr Chatterjee podcast with Johann Hari. Johann has written a book about the breakdown of humankind’s ability to pay attention. It’s called ‘Stolen Focus’. Listening to Johann talk about his research stopped me in my tracks, but it also made me excited about the changes I could make.

As the podcast played, I realised that it’s not my fault that I’d become addicted to my phone. Technology is being designed to mess with our heads and keep us hooked to our phones.

Thankfully Johann is hugely positive, and I came away feeling enthusiastic about all the things I could do to reclaim my attention! I’ve since been spending big chunks of time away from Instagram, to give myself the chance to work out how I can behave differently. I realised I don’t want to operate as a sub standard version of myself, permenantly attached to my phone. 

Something I got very clear about whilst having some time away from screens, are my intentions for Instagram for 2022:

Katya’s Personal Manifesto for Instagram

1. post less

2. get clearer on my messaging and what I stand for 

3. infuse that clear messaging into thoughtfully crafted content

4. get really amazing at doing Insta graphics so I can reinforce that messaging with real punch

5. be a role model for how to use Instagram in a mentally healthy, joyful and effective way

Writing this mini manifesto for how I will be using Instagram made me feel INCREDIBLY good! It felt right. I know that I will be putting good things out in the world by sticking to those rules.  It means I will also be looking after myself at the same time. 

I challenge you to write a mini manifesto of rules for how you want to show up on Instagram.  When you write them, think about how you can promote your business in a meaningful, heartfelt way, whilst protecting your precious brain and happiness. Let me know how you get on! 

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