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Running Instacake and the 7 Lessons It’s Taught Me

I’ve been running Instacake events since October 2018. It’s a meet up for Instagram enthusiasts to chat over coffee and cake, then go out and snap some pics on a photo walk. I’ve done five instacakes in total now.

When I started to promote my first event last year, I didn’t fully grasp what I might get out of it.

All I knew was that I wanted to meet other creative Instagrammers so I could chinwag about the gram, get excited about it and share ideas. But it led to so much more than that.

So here’s just 7 things I’ve learnt

I could probably come up with 20 lessons, but I’ll calm myself and keep it minimal:

1. Camaraderie

There is a huge value in having some camaraderie with people who also run their own creative businesses. It can be a tough and lonely path, but being around people who get it is so reassuring. And it also reminds you WHY you’re doing it and reconnects you with your excitement about it.

2. People to Take Photos With

Having people who are happy to mess around taking photos for hours is a gift. In my normal life I irritate and bore people with my incessant photo taking. At instacake we just egg each other on! I also get to do boomerangs and time lapses with willing participants.

3. Discovering Amazing Instagram Accounts

We usually share favourite Insta accounts with each other, which is a wonderful way of opening out my Insta world.

4. Business Advice

I always get fantastic business advice from attendees – whether that’s marketing advice or just having a soundboard for business blocks.

5. Getting Ideas

Learning about people’s Instagram questions and frustrations really helps me. It feeds into how I design my client workshops – for example I found out that many people are self conscious about writing captions and others struggle to regularly come up with good content ideas. It all pushes me to think about workshop and coaching exercises that will support my clients.

6. Discovering Hidden Gems in Manchester

I get to check out bits of Manchester I never even knew about. I’ve really been down every alley in the Northern Quarter now. There’s street art and history around every corner. I loved absorbing Skyliner’s Instagram account and walking tour for ideas.

7. Learning Instagram Tricks

I’ve learn lot of Instagram tricks, and gained great insights about the gram from my attendees. Until my last Instacake, I thought IGTV had been a bit of a flop, but I was royally corrected by Unnatural mother who has informed me that lots of fashion influencers are really making the most of it. People tell me about the apps they are using, how to use Pinterest better and what techniques they use to take their best photos – it’s all really helpful and brings it all to life.

If you’d like to join us for Instacake – my next one is at the Creameries in Chorlton on Tuesday 9th July. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about it.

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