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Power Hour Instagram Coaching: £125

My Power Hours are in fact way more than an hour!

You pick an area of Instagram you want to focus on in our session, and I go away and research that area.

That includes doing a deep dive into your account and getting a feel for who you are, what you’re doing well and any areas that need improvement. 

That means that when we come together it’s a highly focused and productive hour. 

You also get follow up notes and a video recording.

Mug off coffee in garden.

I had spent ages trying to get my head around instagram. Katya has succeeded where others have failed.
All of a sudden it made sense, and it was fun! 
The same day as the power hour I started getting messages from people, and now knew what to do.
Thanks to Katya, I love instagram (wasn’t a fan before) and the conversations I am having are leading to new clients.

Julie Flynn, Financial Coach

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