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Do you feel like you need some feedback on your Instagram account?

Instagram MOT

Do you have the sense that you are doing quite a few good things with your Instagram account, but that you could be doing it a lot better?

An issue with running your own business is you can end up so close to it that you have limited perspective on how to best promote your services or products.

For just £95 my MOT service will allow you to get a load of fresh new ideas for your Instagram account.

You’ll receive a review with feedback on your posts, captions, biography, photography and stories. Don’t worry I’ll be positive but constructive. I’ve no doubt that you’re already doing a good job, but the tips I give you will help elevate your account and make it more effective – so you can attract more of the right followers who will want to buy from you.

I’ll let you know what you’re doing well and what’s missing and what could be improved, and I’ll offer ideas for showcasing your business through inspiring stories on your posts, stories and maybe even IGTV if you’re feeling brave.

Email me to book or to find out more.

Helen Slater, Mentor & Coach

I approached Katya to help me review my Instagram account. Firstly because she’s bloody good at what she does, secondly because I read her latest blog about having her own account reviewed and thought how important this is as we are all way too close to our own business to really look at it objectively. 

Katya’s report was incredibly insightful, some things I had thought already but done nothing about, some things I hadn’t even considered!  She gave me a detailed review of what was good, what needed work, what was missing and how she thought I could better showcase myself using my BIO…plus lots of Hashtag ideas to try out.  I would highly recommend this service as for a very modest investment you will walk away with the tools to take your account to the next level!