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Instagram Reels For Beginners Workshop

Upcoming Workshop Dates

In this workshop you’ll learn about the technical aspects of creating a Reel. It really is easy when you know how!

And more importantly you’ll gain suggestions and techniques on how you can make Reels that support your business and marketing message.

During the workshop you will plan out 5 Reel ideas for your Instagram account. You will also receive an e handbook and a recording of the session in case you need to refresh your memory on anything.

There will be a maximum of 5 people on this workshop so that everyone gets one to one attention and support.

It is important that you are familiar and comfortable with Instagram to attend this workshop.

It is recommended that you watch the Zoom workshop on your laptop so you can test out all the Reel features on your own phone as you learn.


Katya’s introduction to reels session was really engaging and informative. Katya has a wonderful, easy going and down to earth presence about her, which made me feel I could ask anything I was unsure of. The smaller group sizes, made me feel comfortable, and able to ask questions. I whole heartedly endorse Katya, she’s motivating and just fabulous!

Krista Procter

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