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Shake It Up: Instagram and Tapping Into Your Creativity

We spend far too much of our lives on autopilot. Which makes for a sub optimal quality of life, but it’s also crap for creativity!

So how do we shake ourselves out of that so we can create some truly awesome and original content for our businesses?

In Tim Harford’s book Messy, he talks a lot about music legend Brain Eno. Eno has produced many famous bands over the past 5 decades, from Coldplay to David Bowie. He is known for using very random methods to get his musicians to approach their work from new angles.

Oblique Strategy Cards

In the 70s he created a deck of ‘Oblique Strategy Cards’. On each card is a prompt. Eg

– “Not building a wall, but making a brick”

– “Always first steps”

– “Idiot glee”

The idea being that you focus on whatever the card has suggested for a bit and then let that influence your creative process. I LOVE THIS IDEA! We are all inclined to get too set in our ways & to follow rules about how we should post on Insta or run our business. It can stop us from being creative.

The App

In fact I loved the idea so much that I’ve downloaded the ‘Oblique Strategies’ app so I can shake up my own processes. When I’m stuck I ask for a prompt. For example I just looked at the app and got the prompt ‘Write an exhaustive list of everything you might do and do the last thing on the list’. Cool!

Yes it’s all kind of weird & it might feel a bit discordant using methods like this. But weird and uncomfortable is good. We rarely come up with our best work when we’re being too safe and comfortable.

Shake It Up On Your Insta

If you want to apply some of this chaos to how you create your Instagram content, try some of these prompts from the app:

1. Courage!

2. Voice your suspicions

3. Consult other promising sources

4. Emphasise repetitions

These prompts may not make sense to you, or resonate with you in any way. But embrace the challenge of trying to apply them to your Insta content! Good luck, I’d love to know how you get on.

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