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Six Tips For Creating Juicy Insta Content

How do you create the kind of Insta content that’s going to take off?!

Here are 6 of my suggestions for creating juicy content. Each one of them has worked REALLY well for me, so I hope they give you some inspo!

1. Share your own unique take on a problem that your audience faces

Using your own language, analogies and energy to shed light on a common problem can offer a lot of comfort and ideas to your community.

Below is a Venn Diagram I posted on Instagram to demonstrate my take on what it takes to create ‘Insta Gold’. Because it was such a human and visual approach, it seemed to really chime with people and got a lot of chat going in my comments.

Venn Diagram to achieve Insta gold.
My Venn Diagram to to acheive Insta Gold

2. Regularly share interesting and quirky bits of your back story

I think we all forget what lovely facts we have up our sleeves – whether that’s having lived abroad, a secret obsession with Take That or being into tap dancing, our audience will lap it up.

In the post below, you can see I did an introduction post with a few titbits from my life. My audience absolutely loved it and they were able to identify things from my list that related to themselves, which was a good conversation starter.

Katya Willems insta content where she introduces herself.


Telling people a few quirky facts about me got the conversation flowing on Insta

3. Share a mistake or failure and what you’ve learnt from it

It’s always so relatable and so fascinating when people open up about the things that have gone wrong.

Below is a post by fellow Instagram coach Lou Chudley, in it she shared some embarressing typos she has managed to use recently. Her audience loved it, and replied with their own typo disaster stories.

Lou Chudley Instagram post about terrible typos.


Lou Chudly shared her ‘terrible typos’ and it really got her community chatting

4. Share a problem you are facing and ask your audience to help you with it

Eg want to figure out Clubhouse? Or need some tv recommendations? Ask your audience. Generally people like helping and also people like showing off their knowledge and ideas!

Below is an Instagram Story I did in summer. We had a fly infestation and we were desperate for solutions. I think it’s my most popular story of all time and led to some great advice and many conversations.

Katya Willems Instagram Story about a fly infestation.


Asking your audience for help can be a great way to connect with them

5. Share the process of creating a new service or product and involve your audience in your decisions

Your audience will feel flattered and invested if you involve them in your decisions. The added bonus is that it will help you create something your actually audience wants.

Below is a recent post I did about my plan to create a new Instagram community as a way of learning. In the post I asked my audience for suggestions to help me shape the idea.

Katya Willems Instagram Post about her new Instagram community.


Get your audience involved in shaping your new projects

6. Do a daft post. Let rip and just be silly and di*k about!

My audience loves it when I do bonkers and fun content. I think being daft and messing around is a great way for your community to really connect with you and get to know you.

I recently did an Instagram Reel where I used the Green Screen feature to take me to lots of exotic locations. Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ was playing in the background. It was very silly and people seemed to enjoy it.

Katya Willems Instagram Reel about holidays.


My Green Screen Reel where I pretended to holiday in exotic destinations

I hope you found these suggestions for creating Insta content useful! Do give them a whirl and let me know how you get on!

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