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Slow Selling Is Exciting

Recently a client booked with me two years after our initial conversation. In a world where we expect instant results, it was a refreshing reminder of how long good things can take.

Here’s my take on how to lean into slow selling and why it’s a good thing

My suggestion would be to assume the best. Assume that you have many potential clients who are quietly engaging with your content and getting to know you. Get clear on that image of an interested crowd and commit to nurturing those potential clients through your content. Do this regardless of whether you get feedback from them or not. Remember there are many silent watchers out there who will NEVER like or comment but are appreciating your content.

Imagine that these connections are like seeds that you have planted

You can’t see what’s going on below the soil, but a good proportion of those seeds will bloom. For optimum bloomage, dedicate yourself to patiently assisting the journey of those seeds growing to fruition.

This involves regularly feeding and nurturing your silent followers with content that will: 

– help them with problems they are struggling with

– educate them in your area of expertise and demonstrate your credibility

– signal clearly what you are selling

 – allow them to get to know you as a human being, so they can emotionally connect with you and trust you

Imagine all those invisible potential clients who are receiving the gifts of your content. Visualise them becoming connected to your story and your business.  And remember if you receive any signs of appreciation of that content, celebrate every glimmer of positive feedback. These are your green shoots coming through.

I think in our busy, distracted, instant gratification world, it’s so hard to appreciate SLOW

Slow selling is not only a thing, it’s also better for everybody involved. It means your client is making a considered sale and you’ve explained what you’re selling properly.  That’s a good thing!

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