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From Zero to 361 Instagram Followers In Two Months

I’ve been working with Interior Designer Lucy Burt on her Instagram for nearly two months now. Lucy signed up to my bespoke Special Sauce package which is three – six months of 1:1 training. We’re just over half way through the package and Lucy is absolutely flying. In Lucy’s case, she built her account from scratch, although I work with people at any stage of their Instagram journey. At last count had she’d grown to over 400 followers and had six client bookings for initial meetings that came directly from Instagram. I asked Lucy a few questions about how the Special Sauce process worked and what she got out of it.

@designbynest‘s Instagram account is full of fab Interior ideas and tips

How has the Special Sauce package worked for you?

I was new to Instagram and had limited time, this tailored package was exactly what I needed. Katya took time to make sure the service was going to be suited to my business and my style and my time limits and we took it from there. Before our first session, she gave me some ‘homework’ to pin down how I wanted my account to look and feel, and to think about the ‘pillars’ of how I would build my posts & content and to research other accounts which resonated with me and think about why.

Following this, we have had a number of 121 sessions to get the account kicked off and then to discuss content and progress, to chat about how this was all going and to give feedback and constructive advice. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions – and in fact the whole process – when initially I felt a lot of trepidation about ‘getting it right’ and creating an account which really reflected my business and what I’m all about.  

What are the benefits of my availability to answer questions between Zoom sessions?

This was hugely helpful to me as my mind is always busy and, once I get started on something, I tend to have ideas circling around in my head constantly ‘scattergun style’! So, to be able to ping a quick question or idea over to Katya when it popped into my head was brilliant. She was always really responsive and helpful, steering me towards tangible actions and encouraging me to try things out.


@designbynest‘s stylish Instagram account

Would you recommend Special Sauce to a friend?

I would definitely recommend the package to anyone looking to either set up or develop an account as the approach works for either scenario – helping you get going or helping you grow. The personal nature of the package means it’s completely tailored to you and your business and is the complete opposite of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s like having a mentor, coach and subject expert all rolled into one – plus Katya is great fun to work with.

Do you think you could have achieved the same results if you’d attended Instagram workshops?

For me, I don’t think so as I’ve been on a number of training workshops before and ended up taking heaps of notes, fully intending to put them into action but then getting caught up in day to day work. Even with the best intentions, with no action plan or anyone to be accountable to and check in with, it’s so easy to let things slide.

@nestbydesign Instagram account.


@designbynest‘s vibrant Instagram account

Do you feel like Special Sauce has saved you time in building your Instagram account an community?

Definitely! I’ve had my business for over 15 years and been meaning to set up an Instagram account for several of these but somehow never found the time – or the confidence – to get started with it. I knew that if I was going to do it, it needed to look and feel right and I needed to be consistent with it and Katya has enabled me to tick all these boxes.

Have you gained any clients or had any client enquiries as a result of creating your Instagram account?

Yes! I’ve had the account running for less than 2 months now and have had six direct enquiries as a result, all of which are now booked in for initial meetings which is brilliant. I genuinely didn’t expect that to happen so quickly.

What am I like to work with as an Instagram coach?

Katya is a natural coach, a real people person. I valued her cheerleading and confidence building just as much as her constructive advice. She has a really upbeat and positive personality which really helped me to enjoy our sessions and to feel excited about the whole process.


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