Stockport’s The Place to Be

Have you been to Stockport lately? Because it’s worth a visit I can tell you!

A couple of years ago, there really wasn’t a lot going on in Stockport, but since 2016 there’s an exciting new creative community that’s emerging in the Old Town.

The spotlight started to focus on Stockport when Where The Light Gets In opened.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this place, GQ magazine described it as ‘The Best Restaurant You’ve Never Heard of’.  After this, cool shop after cool shop started to open: the Plant Shop, Rare Mags and SK1 Records and The Warren.

Stockport; Manchester; SK1 Records; Rare Mags, Plant Shop Manchester; Agapanthus Interiors
SK1 Records

And then there are the cafes – Tandem was the trendsetter – a gorgeous cycling themed cafe with an arty feel that has been open a few years.  More recently it’s been joined by The Print Room, Hillgate CakeryShred Shed, Lacos and Blackshaws Kitchen.  And if you’re after some interesting wine, pop in on Wine Boy in the market.

And let’s not forget some of the places that have been going strong for years: 20th Century Vintage Stores and the incredibly stylish Agapanthus Interiors.

I do know there’s loads more fabulous people and places I haven’t mentioned, but this will turn into the Yellow Pages if I’m not careful.

Until recently I wouldn’t have gone down to Stockport to hang out. But now I can while away a happy few hours wondering around the shops and stopping for coffee. All the shop owners are so friendly and have a lovely creative vibe about them, so it’s fun to just go and chat to them.

Make sure you get down there soon, so you can experience some Stockport magic for yourself.

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