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Ten of My Worst Instagram Fails

I may have been an Instagram coach for 4.5 years, but I’m still guilty of Instagram Fails ALL THE TIME. However I’m proud of failing, because I learn and improve from getting things wrong.

I hope by reccounting my fails here, you can gain some ideas and encouragement for doing Instagram better.

1. Getting caught up with the pressure to post ALL THE TIME to ‘help’ the algorithm. It resulted in content that was a bit meh.

2. Creating too many Reels. I forgot that my purpose is to help my audience improve their Insta, not just bombard them with my ‘hilarious’ Reels.⁣

3. Creating graphics that were hard to read. My graphics now POP!

4. Trying to follow ALL the Insta tips & beat the algorithm. I can’t & it’s a soulless task.

5. Comparing myself with other accounts. It’s a terrible idea.⁣

6. Getting deflated when posts don’t get many likes. It’s just the algorithm.

7. Spending too much time on Insta & making myself unhappy. I now limit my time on Insta.

8. Failing to frequently mention what I’m selling & the benefits of those services.⁣

9. Refusing to plan & schedule my content. These days I plan my content & it is more organised & targetted.⁣

10. Not having a sales strategy. I now have a clear picture of who my ideal client is, I create content that speaks to their problems & try to help them.

I hope these have given you some reassurance and inspiration. And let me remind you, failing on Instagram is all part of the learning process!

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