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The Delight of Coaching With Jen Carrington

I started coaching with Jen Carrington back in November and after nine sessions, we’re about to do our last one on Thursday.

I’ll be very sad not to have Jen’s support anymore as I feel like she’s really helped me flourish.

So, if you’re curious about why Jen’s coaching has been so great, read on:

1) Building a thriving online community

Jen really gets what it takes to build an authentic and engaged community online.  I’ve been striving for this for a long time, having observed many people on Instagram really optimising this way of doing business. However what I was finding in my own real life communities was that a lot of people couldn’t grasp what I was aiming for, or what was possible in this context for my business.  Jen has built her own powerful online community over the past seven years which has converted into business success, and she has supported many clients in doing the same thing.  It’s been such a relief to feel understood.

2) She REALLY listens

Jen really really listens and encourages me to lead the way in our sessions.  She may have a lot of business expertise and success under her belt, but Jen never brings her opinions into how I should be doing things.  Like most people, I HATE being told what to do and I want to figure things out for myself, so this really works for me.  She asks perceptive and thoughtful questions so I can develop my business ideas, but it is always very hands off.  I think it takes a lot of wisdom and confidence to sit back and know when someone needs to talk, and when someone needs advice, and Jen always gets that 100% right.  I find that her depth of attention and empathy allow for brilliantly creative and free flowing conversations to unfold in sessions.

3) Listening back to session recordings was a fabulous ego trip

After each session Jen sends me a recording of our chat.  This is phenomenally helpful.  I listen back intently and am wowed by how shit hot and clever and astute I sound! Ok maybe I sound like a narcissistic pig, but I just think when you are running your own business you often don’t realise you’re being brilliant and brave and clever.  And to hear a recording of yourself sounding amazing is the best ego boost a business owner could ask for.  Also credit to Jen for creating an environment where I feel bold and supported enough to show up as the very best, most sparkling version of myself.

4) Nurturing the seed of an idea into reality

Jen knows how to nurture the seed of an idea into a reality.  I often come to Jen with an instinct or an idea for something I need to work on – whether that’s a podcast series, improving my marketing or running a retreat, and she knows instinctively how to help me develop into a tangible plan that I 100% believe in.

5) Getting that I’m a Highly Sensitive Person

I would categorise myself as ‘a highly sensitive person’.  It is actually a thing and if you’d like to find out more there’s a book about it.  Put simply, it just means that I’m a little hypersensitive emotionally.  Part of it is that I can be a bit up and down which is very common with creatives.  Because she works with so many creative types, she instinctively understands this aspect of me and how it needs to be factored into how I build my business. 

Katya Instagram Trainer Manchester.
I’ve learnt that as a Highly Sensitive Person that I have to avoid situations that are going to trigger me

6) Focussing on serving your audience

Jen always encourages me to focus primarily on serving my audience and helping them instead of trying to earn money quickly.  It’s been such a relief to operate in a space like this.  I feel like I’m constantly bombarded with blogs and social media posts by people telling me they’ve got the magic formula to getting rich quick. But Jen always helps me to get away from this noise to focus on creating a service that will give true value to my clients: to figure out what they need, to observe what works for my clients and my community and to keep listening to find out what they want.

7) Detective work

Every time we chat I feel like we are doing detective work. I bring clues as to what feedback I’ve received recently, what I’ve observed at my workshops and events and potential opportunities that have arisen. I really enjoy having someone perceptive and thoughtful to help me glean useful information from these clues and use what I learn to develop my business. 

Instacake Manchester.
My Instacake events have really thrived with the help of Jen

8) Laughter

We always laugh a lot.  Jen has a great sense of humour and I feel like whatever topic we are covering no matter how challenging, we both seem to find a lot to laugh about it.  This has made the whole process so enjoyable and light and energetic, even though some topics could be quite profound.

9) The isolation of running your own business

Jen knows how hard and isolating it is running your own business, particularly when it’s something as unusual as Instagram Training. The reality is that many people in my personal life don’t get what I do, and it can be dispiriting dealing with their reactions and questions. Jen has given me a lot of support in how I respond to all the blank faces and confused questions, which is so important, because it can be very distracting.

10) Celebrating success

Jen was very quick to make me realise that my business is super successful.  I felt like I didn’t get to call my business a success until I was earning X amount of money.  But she makes me celebrate and appreciate the importance of the impact I’ve been making throughout the life of my business.  It’s really helped me feel empowered and confident about Easyinstamcr, which is often hard to realise by yourself.

Have any of you used coaches to help you with your business? How was it for you? Do comment below if you’d like to share.

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