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When you tap into a current mood or a problem that your community is experiencing, and allow them to talk about it, laugh about it, complain or come up with ways of coping with it, they will be delighted to get involved in the conversation.

Below is a post I created for LinkedIn recently. Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous that I’m using a LinkedIn example, but actually the same approach of ‘tuning into your audience’ works on all social media. I asked my community how they were going to keep themselves sane and happy during the national lockdown. And then went on to explain my three ‘happy’ activities for the coming months. 

Why Did It Work?

I think it worked because I was tapping into everybody’s current concerns, but I also allowed people to use their imaginations and share a positive take on the subject. It was a really popular post for me.

Here’s the LinkedIn post

Katya Willems LinkedIn post with a picture of Katya and a friend Tamsin in the Peak District.
My recent LinkedIn post

How To Start Empathetic Conversations On Instagram?

And to reassure you, you don’t need the country to regularly be going into national lockdown to have common ground with your audience.  There’s constant opportunites to show your community that you know what they are going through.  It could be broad topics like the change in seasons or something that’s on TV. Or it could be more specific problems that relate to your particular audience. 

For example I’ve started talking about peri menopause on my Instagram account because a) I’m going through it, and b) a lot of my audience will be going through it too. So far my community is enjoying the opportunity to talk about peri menopause and menopause. 

Also, I like to empathise with my community about Instagram frustrations. I show them that I know what it feels like to be confused by hashtags, or disallusioned that the algorithm has changed again and Instagram engagement has dropped.

And here’s a good tip. Alongside demonstrating that you understand your community’s pain, have some solutions up your sleeve to share.  But even if you don’t, just talking about the problem and articulating it, can bring a lot of comfort.

So remember to tune into your audience, be empathetic, show that you know what they are going through and offer solultions when you can.

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