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The Value of Going On a Retreat

It can feel difficult justifying spending time and money on going on a retreat when you run your own business. We often feel we’d achieve far more if we just got on with ‘real work’.

But the value of going on the retreat is not to be underestimated.

Going to a new environment and looking at your business with new eyes, can have a profound impact on you and your business.

I believe within all of us is this super clever, super capable and wonderfully wise person.  But we often repress that side of ourselves, allowing external and internal voices to cloud our judgement. However with the right conditions, this brilliant version of ourselves rises up.

When we feel nourished, supported, safe and inspired, our clever clogs side becomes louder and is able have amazing insights.  Suddenly solutions to problems effortlessly bubble up.

One way to connect with that higher version of you, is to come along to the Wildnerness Tonic Retreat that myself and Karen Webber are hosting on Thurs 28 April 2022.

We have designed a nourishing and fun day in the Peak District so you can enjoy being your best self. We connect with nature, reflect on our businesses, celebrate our wins and gently start to plan some goals for the year ahead. 

And of course connecting with other like minded business owners is a wonderful aspect of the day too – feeling seen, sharing stories, getting support, having a laugh – it’s all part of the magic.

 If you’d like to find out more about the day there’s more details here

Free space: A free space is available to a business owner who is underrepresented or with intersectional identities. If this is you, please get in touch.

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