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Run an enjoyable AND successful Instagram account

Would you like to know how to run an ENJOYABLE & SUCCESSFUL Insta account?⁣ Well, it’s time to unlock your Instagram magic!⁣

What IS your Instagram magic?

What I mean by that is figuring out what the essence of your business is and infusing it into your Insta.⁣

For example, my magic is that I’m joyful/wise/silly/brave/colourful and that’s all very strong and present in my account.⁣

Your magic could be any of the following:⁣

⁣that you’re truthful/kind/clever/a ray of sunshine/loyal/protective/wild/stylish/savvy or whatever word springs to mind!⁣

When you’ve worked out your magic you want to be sprinkling it ALL OVER YOUR ACCOUNT! Because THAT CUTS THROUGH! It inspires love, loyalty, trust and sales. It’s way more powerful than trying to create a cookier cutter ‘perfect’ instagram account.⁣

Yes, there does need to be some structure and planning with your content and messaging. But understanding and then allowing your vibe to flow through your content is POWERFUL!⁣

Some ‘magic’ Instagram accounts

I’m going to give you some egs of accounts who have Instagram Magic! They’ve all got a very strong sense of themselves and display their uniqueness.⁣

Have a mooch through these accounts and you’ll see what I mean. And I’m not talking about being loud and super confident. Your Insta magic could be quiet and thoughtful – it comes in every flavour imaginable.⁣


Take time to reflect on what’s unique about you

Having looked at these egs, take some time out to reflect on what’s unique about you. Other people would call this your brand personality. I prefer your magic.⁣

I LOVE helping my clients through this treasure hunt process of finding out everything that is magical about them and their businesses. And I love figuring out how to turn it into juicy content that enables them to sell.⁣

If you’d like embark on that process with me. My Power Up Sessions are £150 or I have a 6 month Special Sauce coaching package. Or book a free discovery call and we can have a chat about how we can work together.

Looking For Instagram Help?

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