Instacake Victoria Baths, Thursday 16 April

Instacake Manchester.
Instacake is a cakey meet up for like minded Instagrammers

This is a friendly meet up for people who love Instagram!

We’ll be meeting at Victoria Baths cafe at 10am to start the day with a cake and coffee/tea.

We’ll natter and enthuse about the gram and get to know each other until 12. From 12-2pm we’ll get a tour of the building when we can snap away to our hearts content.

Included in the ticket price: cake and a hot drink and a £5 donation to the Victoria Baths restoration fund.

Feel free to come to any part of the day – you don’t have to attend the full four hours.

Instagram For Small Businesses Workshop: Weds 4th March 2020

Easyintamcr Instagram Training Workshop Manchester.
The Easyinstamcr Instagram Workshop at Beaumont Organic

In this Instagram workshop you will learn how to showcase your business in an entertaining and inspiring way on Instagram.

We look at great examples of businesses who are really nailing it on Instagram, we discuss what is it about their posts and pictures that really work?

Then we dig into what is the personality of your business? What are the values and assets of your business and what makes you different to your competitors. And what exactly are the benefits of your product or service? This will give us valuable direction and ideas for what kind of content you will be posting.

This will all be backed up with lots of advice on tools to help use Instagram effectively.

The Wilderness Tonic Retreat, Thursday 18th June 2020

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by running your own creative business?  Are you passionate about what you do, full of ideas, but frustrated that your to do list is getting ever longer and you just can’t seem to prioritise what to focus on?

Well the Wilderness Tonic retreat might just hit the spot for you.

Marketing expert Karen Webber and myself have planned a day that we’d love to attend. We want to bring together like minded and talented creative business owners in a gorgeous setting so that we can share our triumphs and our challenges, and get other people’s take on our big-picture plans. The aim is for you to leave feeling relaxed but buzzing with new ideas, focused plans, and the clarity and energy to achieve your goals.  Click here to find out more.