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Why Your Insta Content Doesn’t Move Or Shake Your Followers

I’m sure you all know that creating Insta content that moves your audience is the ideal goal on Instagram.  That’s when the dms and the comments start flooding in, you have great conversations and build meaningful bonds.  This warms your community up and leads them to be open to buying from you when have something to sell.

However, it’s one thing to tell my clients and my community to create Insta content that resonates deeply with their audience, but HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY DO THAT?!

I analysed my own Insta content to create a list of styles of posts that took off for me. These are posts that work for my personality and vibe, so it might not all be quite right for you.  But I bet it will give you some juicy ideas!

1) Insta content where I speak a truth from the heart

I wrote a long and truthful post about flourishing in my 40s. Within the caption I shared some hardships I’d overcome that really resonated with my audience. On another occasion I did an IGTV about having hypnosis to help me overcome crippling self critical thoughts. It was an emotional topic that people really wanted to talk about. 

Woman with long blonde hair in peach dungarees.
This was a really heartfelt IGTV I did a year ago

2) Content where I ask for help

This is often about very random and mundane stuff.  Asking my followers what I should do about a fruit fly invasion was one of my most popular Stories ever. And asking for TV and film recommendations is always a winner (and very useful!).  Or I might ask my community to choose what content they want me to create. Eg I recently asked in a poll on Stories: ‘Would you like me to do an IGTV on Reels or on Instagram Growth Tips?’. It received a lot of engagement and helped me to give my audience what they wanted. Also putting it in a poll made it easy and quick for my audience to respond.

3) When I express a mood that everyone is feeling 

In April, I admitted that I was finding that there were advantages to having less choice due to Lockdown restrictions. It was forcing me to slow down and focus on just a few things. This was actually a novel and enjoyable experience as normally I’m doing way too much and it’s a little exhausting.  It seemed to strike a chord and the comments came flying in.

Woman with blonde hair doing a yoga tree pose.


This was a popular post reflecting on the positive outcomes of the lockdown

4) Comedy or mistake posts  

When I bashed up my car by driving it into a car park barrier I shared a picture.  I think it was such a human thing to admit to that people got in touch.  And there was the time I fell in a puddle on a walk and got a muddy backside! The photo below provoked amusement and a lot of dms.

Woman from behind with mud on her backside.


My muddy backside after falling in a puddle

5) Insta content that offers really really useful Instagram tips

Earlier this year I created a special bingo card on Canva for my Instagram community (see below). It had 9 actions for my followers to take to improve their engagement on Instagram.  The bingo card was helpful and I knew the fun and pretty format would lead to shares and saves.  And it did. Also, my Instagram Lives and IGTVs offering solutions to Instagram ‘pain points’ my audience are struggling with go down a storm.

A pink bingo card for improving Instagram engagement.


My Instagram engagement bingo was a hit

6) Interior posts

This year we’ve done a lot of work on our house, and my community has been very interested! I’ve posted before and afters, behind the scenes, asked my audience for advice about problem projects and run polls to get them to choose my paint colour. Interiors have consistently been popular content for me.

Instagram Story with a picture of tropical wallpaper.


I asked my audience to help me with my wallpaper choice

7) Outfit posts

I’m into vintage, retro and colourful clothes and I like putting together some pretty colourful creations from my wardrobe. These whacky concoctions receive a lot of love from my audience.

Lady in a vintage outfit on Instagram Stories.


My followers were very enthusiastic about this outfit

8) Celebration posts

I posted recently about going wild swimming. I think its popularity had a lot to do with the happy energy emanating from it. Things like celebrating a sold out workshop or a fun day trip to London also create a lot of interest. Happy posts do well, but they are especially potent right now because of the times we are living through.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-8-1024x663.jpg


I went wild swimming recently, it made me so happy and it inspired my community too

9. Sharing beautiful, inspiring places and things

In summer we went on holiday to West Wales (St Dogmaels). Photos I shared of coastal walks, our quirky Airbnb barn and of the pastel coloured houses went down a treat. Unusual and pretty purchases I make are popular too, some very bright 60s flowery cups I shared on Stories got a lot of love. And as with the celebration posts, right now people are lapping up positivity.

llangrannog beach on a instagram Story.


This photo of Llangrannog is one of my most popular Stories

Airbnb barn in St Dogmaels on an Instagram Story.


My community loved this photo I shared of our Airbnb in St Dogmaels

10) Insta content about ‘hot topics’

Any content I’ve done about Reels (which is of great interest to my audience right how) have gone down a storm. It’s definitely worth talking about hot topics in your field to encourage engagement.

What Lessons Can You Learn From My List?

  1. Analyse your own content by looking at your insights to see what your audience responds to and create more of that type of content.
  2. Experiement with new and different types of content to find out what gets your audience interested.
  3. Posts that do well educate, entertain, inspire and involve your followers.
  4. If there’s good, authentic, spontaneous energy emanating from a post, your community feels it and responds.


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